USDA Canning Guides

  • Intro Guide to Home Canning

    This file contains a short introduction to home canning as well as a table of contents for the remaining 7 guides.


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  • Guide 1: Principles of Home Canning

    40 pages


    This introductory guide walks you through the following topics:


        Why can foods?

        How canning preserves foods

        Ensuring safe canned foods

        Ensuring high-quality canned foods

        Jars and lids

        Recommended canners

        Selecting correct processing time

        Cooling jars

        Testing jar seals

        Reprocessing unsealed jars

        Storing canned food

        Identifying and handling spoiled canned food

        Preparing pickled and fermented foods

        Preparing butters, jams, jellies, and marmalades

        Canned foods for special diets

        Canning fruit-based baby foods

        How much should you can?


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  • Guide 2: Selecting, Preparing, and Canning Fruit and Fruit Products

    32 pages


    Guide 2 contains instructions on canning the following fruits and fruit products:



        Apple butter, juice, sauce, spiced rings


        Berries and berry syrup

        Cantaloupe pickles


        Cranberry orange chutney


        Fruit purees

        Grapefruit and orange sections

        Grape juice and whole grapes

        Mango chutney and sauce








        Fruit salsas: spicy cranberry, mango, peach and peach apple

        Pie fillings: apple, blueberry, cherry, mincemeat, green tomato, peach


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  • Guide 3: Selecting, Preparing, and Canning Tomatoes and Tomato Products

    26 pages


    Guide 3 contains instructions on canning the following tomatoes and tomato products:


        Tomato juice

        Tomato and vegetable juice blend

        Crushed tomatoes

        Standard tomato sauce

        Whole of halved tomatoes

        Tomatoes with okra or zucchini


        Spaghetti sauce with or without meat

        Mexican tomato sauce

        Easy hot sauce

        Cayenne pepper sauce

        Tomato ketchup

        Salsa recipes:

            Chile salsa (hot tomato-pepper sauce)

            Chile salsa II

            Tomatillo green salsa

            Tomato sauce with paste or slicing tomatoes

            Tomato/green chile salsa

            Tomato/tomato paste salsa

            Tomato taco sauce


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  • Guide 4: Selecting, Preparing, and Canning Vegetables and Vegetable Products

    21 pages


    Guide 4 contains instructions on canning the following vegetables and vegetable products:






        Mixed vegetables






        Pumpkins and winter squash


        Spinach and other greens



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  • Guide 5: Preparing, and Canning Poultry, Red Meats, and Seafoods

    15 pages


    Guide 5 contains instructions on canning the following:


        Chicken or rabbit

        Ground or chopped meat

        Strips, cubes, or chunks of meat

        Meat stock (broth)

        Chile con carne


        King and Dungeness crab meat



        Smoked fish



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  • Guide 6: Preparing, and Canning Fermented Foods and Pickled Vegetables

    35 pages


    Guide 6 contains instructions on canning the following fermented foods and pickled vegetables:


        Fermented foods

            Dill pickles


        Cucumber pickles

            Bread-and-butter pickles

            Quick fresh-pack dill pickles

            Sweet gherkin pickles

            14-day sweet pickles

            Quick sweet pickles

        Other vegetable pickles

            Pickled asparagus

            Pickled dilled beans

            Pickled three-bean salad

            Pickled beets

            Pickled carrots

            Pickled baby carrots

            Pickled cauliflower or Brussels sprouts

            Chayote and jicama slaw

            Bread-and-butter pickled jicama

            Marinated whole mushrooms

            Pickled dilled okra

            Pickled pearl onions

            Marinated peppers

            Pickled peppers - bell, hot, jalapeno, yellow

            Pickled sweet green tomatoes

            Pickled mixed vegetables

            Pickled bread-and-butter zucchini

        Pickled vegetable relishes

            Chayote and pear relish


            Pickle relish

            Pickle corn relish

            Pickled green tomato relish

            Pickled horseradish sauce

            Pickled pepper-onion relish

            Spicy jicama relish

            Tangy tomatillo relish

        Pickled foods for special diets

            No sugar added pickled beets

            No sugar added sweet pickle cucumber slices

            Reduced-sodium sliced dill pickles

            Reduced-sodium sliced sweet pickles


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  • Guide 7: Preparing and Canning Jams and Jellies

    13 pages


    Guide 7 contains instructions on canning the following jams and jellies:


        Pear-apple jam

        Strawberry-rhubarb jelly

        Blueberry spice jam

        Grape-plum jelly

        Golden pepper jelly

        Peach-pineapple spread

        Refrigerated apple spread

        Refrigerated grape spread


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