The Victorio Model 200 & 210 Food Strainers have been discontinued for two decades. Parts are becoming harder to find. Here are the main reasons you should consider the new

Victorio Model 250 Food Strainer.

New Model 250

Old Model 200 & 210

Current model

Hasn't been made in 20+ years

All model 250 Food Strainers are

exactly the same

Several different versions were sold using the same model numbers. Parts are not 100% interchangeable between strainers of same model number

Stainless steel screens don't rust

Chrome plated screens can rust

Twist-lock screens for quick installation.

No alignment is needed

Slow to install and difficult to properly align. Screens need separate bolts with wing nuts.

Clamps to larger surface widths


Smaller clamping width

Easy to install electric motor available


No electric motor option


Includes a splash guard


Not all versions have splash guards


Improved shaft seal design to

prevent leaking near handle

Prone to leaking near handle

Clamp has rubber feet to

prevent surface marring

Can mar clamping surfaces

Aftermarket parts for the Victorio Model 200/210 are available at: