Johnny Apple Peeler -

Clamp Base

This Victorio Apple Peeler will peel, slice, and core at the same time, by simply turning the crank handle. It is the perfect kitchen tool for all varieties of apples and a great time saver.


The Victorio Apple Peeler combines three steps into one.  Place an apple on the fork, turn the handle and let the Apple Peeler do the work for you.  The stainless steel blades will peel, slice and core the apple as the handle turns.  The result is even, 1/4" slices that are ready to eat, dehydrate or use in a recipe.  The adjustable peeling blade will cut as much or as little of the peel as you'd like.  The peeling blade can also be removed completely if non-peeled slices are desired.  The all-in-one slicing and coring blade can also be removed when peeling potatoes. The tension on the peeling arm is controlled by a spring so it conforms to the shape of the apple or potato giving you a perfect peel every time. The durable, cast iron body is longer than other peelers to better handle larger apples or potatoes.  The convenient clamp base mounts to surfaces up to 1-1/2" thick.


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Warranty Details

● Quickly and easily peel, core and slice any apple variety

● Coring/slicing blade can be removed for potatoes

● All blades are stainless steel

● Peeling blade can be adjusted for a thick or thin peel

● Clamp or suction base model available

SKU: VKP1011

UPC: 811957010116

Made In: Taiwan

Body: Cast Iron

Blades: Stainless Steel

Other Steel: Chrome Plated Steel

Handle: Wood

Product Warranty

Model VKP1011 - Apple Peeler Warranty: 5 Year

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