The art of home food preservation is making a comeback with Victorio


Victorio is here to help. Make this year's harvest last even longer with products, tips, tricks, and secrets from our very own home canning experts. Victorio has an array of useful emergency preparedness and kitchen items that make life fun and delicious. Create your own multi-grain breads or tomato sauces. Preserve your garden and never waste your produce again.

The Victorio Brand


The Victorio brand name began in 1937 as a single product designed to make Pasta Sauce from homegrown tomatoes for the Home Gardener/Canners; it was soon discovered that it also made smooth Apple Sauce and the Victorio Food Strainer became a must have item for every Home canning enthusiast. Check out the historic newspaper advertisement from 1937 below.

Historic newspaper ad - The Daily Journal (Vineland, New Jersey) Thursday, August 19, 1937 - Page 6

To view the full page this ad came from click here.

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